TLT Community Management Services

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Community Management Company For Portland Oregon And Surrounding Areas

We are Portlands trusted community management company for Portland and surrounding areas.  We have one purpose…To give you the best management service in the Portland community management industry.  Being on the cutting edge of community management has two objectives; SERVICE and PRICE.  Being at the top of the Portland Community Management game is very simple; offer the product at the best price and give exceptional service. Going above and beyond the average is what we are built on.

The TLTCMS Advantage

Portland Community Mangement companyPortland’s Community management professionals all perform the same basic functions. What makes a difference in any business is what we call the Les Schwab’s philosophy, “Do you run to meet the customer or do you make the customer wait in line?” TLT Community Management Services are built on Training, equipping and mentoring the whole Community association. In essence we run to meet the customer and are proactive in our management.

The fruit of these principles are radiant communities in Portland, higher property values and homeowners educated to living in a planned community fostering neighborly love. In just about every community controlling costs is a major concern. With foreclosures mounting, maintenance expenses growing in Portland and collections becoming a bigger problem, you’re dealing with more issues than ever before. We offer proven solutions for these concerns. We develop detailed strategies that help your specific Community Management needs For Portland or any other area..

Why Choose Us?

Keys to success for community management companies in portlandWe have purposely designed our company for service and cost control. Specialized concentration from the company owner, by seeing each association personally, has created a model for efficiency, service and cost. A Limited number of associations are in our portfolio, securing our company principles.

We have assembled the finest attorneys, contractors and vendors in the industry to help with our vendor list. Consistently updating, brainstorming and listening to our boards and homeowners keep us at the forefront in the community management industry. We purposely created our management style with a small community feel, so communication and service are the realized ingredients.

Board Training

our companies team of commiunity managment experts in portlandBoard training is a critical component of an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and successfully serve its members. Please take advantage of the training that will help you become a better board member in order to best serve your community.  The objective of specialized training is to help board members and community leaders better understand their roles, legal responsibilities, and to provide insights into the best practices used by Boards today. It is also critical that Board members understand the role that a professional management company offers and the benefits of the relationship. The primary duty of each board member is that of a fiduciary, overseeing a trust.  We come alongside each board member to help you in your fiduciary role. Please ask about our ongoing training.